Obviously ... .courses! But saying so may be a bit reductive.

First of all, I want to say that when - on March 27th, 1993 - I became a Course Director, I made a choice of professional ethics: no more entry level courses. These are the first a new instructor must do to create a base on which to set his work in continuing education, and I do not think so correctly to subtract this part of the market just to those who are - or can be - my student.

My main goal is to teach professionalism, because around - and I go around a lot - I don't find it enough even if the term is overused, but I'm convinced the professionalism, the real one, pays, ever!

This means to instill in my students the necessary knowledge and techniques to work, of course, but especially ethics, determination and, why not, an economic "eye" to become excellent professionals.

To achieve this, I like to teach entirely by myself customized courses to one or two students at a time, so I can commit to understand better them and their problems and to be a good role model. And when courses are finished, even after years, I'm always happy to have a chat for advices or opinions.

I believe in continuing education and propose more than thirty different specialty courses - many of which are distinctive ones as Archaeology, Diver with disability buddy, Integrated dving mask, Underwater model, biology, etc. - looking with special mind at Digital u/w Photography.

I'm Trainer also for some technical activities - Tec Deep and recreational or technical Sidemount, for example - and for "friendly" agencies like DAN, offering a lot of different courses designed to rescue divers and that deserve to be more widespread than they are.

I am also IAMAS (Instructor) for Società Nazionale di Salvamento and Director of Val di Cornia branch in San Vincenzo (Leghorn).

Recently I became Regional Officer for Italy of IAHD (Internation Association for Handicapped Divers) because I firmly believe that the wonders of the underwater world should be the prerogative of all.

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