A brief introduction of myself

My name is Stefano Fei and I'm a PADI Course Director.

I was born "under the sign of Pisces" and, maybe for this, in my life I have always been fascinated by the sea, above and below the surface.

Since I was a very young skin diver on the sandy bottoms of Cesenatico collecting clams and crabs, till the first experience of underwater hunting with the legendary "Saetta B" on the coast of Gargano.

And I was not dissuaded either by the chronic lack of preys or by the inability to enjoy the underwater sceneries - the first obvious consequence of the second - because of a myopia which at that time was not easy to fix with the use of a simple optical mask as nowadays.

But my great passion - and for a period of my life also my profession - has always been photography and I earned with my camera those satisfactions I took off with the gun, and moreover leaving the "prey" well alive at its place.

Since high school I met a veteran of the glorious Xa MAS that brought me into contact with the equipment - including historical ARO - then I lived my experience in a diving club in Florence with many friends and many gratifying adventures and then, about 40 years old, I decided for the decisive step of entering PADI.

And to become PADI Instructor was really a change in my life, with lots of rewards including 3 PADI Awards, two Silver and one Platinum.

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